How To Repair Problems With Your Hair Dryer

For the sake of convenience and ease, a lot of people will throw out a hair dryer when it develops a fault, and will instead just purchase a new model. However, this is not a cost-effective way of doing things and will leave you open to spending vast amounts of money over the years. Knowing how to repair one for yourself is something which will save you time and money, so we’re going to look at how to repair a few of the common problems you’ll face.

Fixing A Switch

A broken on and off switch is something which is quite common when it comes to your hair dryer, but the good news is that it is quite simple to fix. First of all, you need to unplug your device to avoid injury. Then you should unscrew and remove the housing of the hair dryer to get access to the inner workings. The switch will be mounted in either the handle of the dryer or within the main housing, but in either instance, it will be somewhere which you can access it from. You need to remove the switch then and disconnect it.

For this next bit, you’re going to need a multimeter or a continuity tester to check if the switch is working correctly. Obviously, if it is not, then you’ll need to remove it and install a new one, but this is going to be a far cheaper option than buying a new model altogether.

Fixing The Fan

The good news is that the fan inside of these kinds of dryers is often quite durable, so you shouldn’t have to worry about replacing it, but it can still develop faults if left unattended. One of the first things which you should do if the fan isn’t working is to check the inside for signs of damage and problems. What you’ll find is that bits of lint or hair can get clogged up inside the fan, which will prevent it from working correctly. This can often be a pain to fix, but you can gently manoeuvre them out by taking something like a cotton bud and pushing it between the blades, or you can remove the casing around the device completely and then remove the rubbish which is clogging it in that method.

Overall, your hair dryer is an invaluable tool which a lot of people cannot be without, and knowing how to fix one is a big advantage. Obviously, the objective is to spend as little money as possible while maintaining your lifestyle, and this can be accomplished by knowing how to fix a lot of small things for yourself. It is not a difficult task, but you should always wear protective eyewear and have gloves if possible, and make sure that you unplug the dryer before attempting any repair. Knowing how to fix the hair dryer will ensure that your model will work for a much more extended period, and will help to ensure that you do not have to replace it in a hurry.